End of Winter?

Somehow the last few weekends have not been conducive to getting outdoors. Last weekend came upon us with a steady rain that would last for three days. Raindrops1The constant, at times heavy precipitation, did not make me relish the idea of slogging through the mud, while getting wetter and colder with each step. I would not venture out to explore for another week but I did contemplate the possibility that the rain was a sign that winter was over and we were done with the white stuff for another year.

Instead, it would a good day to stay at home to catch up on the never ending influx of paperwork and housework. I could also spend some time making progress on my current quilt project while my husband made progress on his woodworking project. Sometimes, a weekend with nothing on the agenda is what we need  – a downtime to reduce the stress of the everyday demands on our time.

SnowyPrimroseIt is funny how I find the house feels colder this time of year, even as the temperature outside is rising. The cold, crisp gusts of winter cannot penetrate the warmth of our home but somehow with the warming days of spring, a chill descends upon the interior of our abode. Perhaps, the damp rains of the season seep inside. Whatever the cause, it was also a good day to stoke up one last fire in an attempt to battle the chill and curl up with my latest book. To be lost for hours in a good book can also rejuvenate the soul.

The pleasant, relaxing weekend soon gave way to a Monday morning surprise. A band of snow that surprised even our weather forecasters had descended upon us. A morning commute that would have been bad enough with the predicated rain had become a nightmare with fast falling snow and sleet that left 4 to 5 inches of icy pellets and slush on the road. Although is was the last day of March, nature had played one last joke on us all.


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