Ides of March

Since I witnessed the first signs of Spring the first weekend of February,snowdrops2014 I have been actively seeking evidence that the snowdrops were ready to bloom. Unfortunately, since then, we have had multiple snow storms covering the earth with a blanket of snow that seemed like it was going to last until May.  As the snows melted those first few weekends of March, I began my search once again. Surely, there would be some sign of those little white buds! Somehow, I missed the actual rebirth for when I did finally find those sneaky little darlings they were already blooming.

When did my newly acquired observation skills let me down! How did I miss it! After weeks of searching, I now  saw hundreds of small alabaster flowers everywhere! Crocuses were visible as well; MarchIcethe occasional yellow and pale purple blossoms greeting passing travelers.

Spring had finally arrived! At least for this area. The following weekend, we traveled 300 miles north and found an area still wrapped in winter’s icy grip. Almost a foot of crusty snow blanketed the yard where we were staying. Around the corner, local residents were ice fishing on the lake. We paused to ask one of the fishermen about the conditions on the lake. He estimated that there was probably about 2 feet of ice still covering this body of water.

Later, I did find a sign of rebirth. While wandering through town something in the dirt caught my eye. I brushed away last autumn’s leaves and unveiled a small green shoot poking through the earth. The calender indicated that it was the first day of Spring.


2 thoughts on “Ides of March

  1. I work at the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary in Oyster Bay and was so excited to find the trails completely devoid of snow this week and shoots poking through. It’s about time!

    • It’s always a wonderful feeling when we see signs of the next season just as we are becoming weary with the current one. In all the years I have lived here, I have yet to visit the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary. Really have to get there one of these days.

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