Bridge Gardens

BridgeGardenAsterThe sun was shining, temperatures were climbing and I was itching to get out and discover new life. I convinced my husband to drive an hour east to locate new trails and gardens. There would be a very narrow window for us to explore anything on the east end, for once the summer residents arrive in late May there would be no hope of seeking adventure there without a long, arduous drive. Our journey took us to Bridgehampton on the South Fork of Long island.

BridgeGardenCrocusFrom our local guide book, I discovered a small, 5 acre, botanical garden known as Bridge Gardens located in Bridgehampton. Bridge Gardens was donated to the Peconic Land Trust in 2008 so that the gardens would be preserved and enjoyed by the public. What a gift! Even though it was only the first week of April, there was enough there to rejuvenate me after the last few dreary weekends.

As we walked through the gate, we were greeted by several garden beds displaying a splash of color. BridgeGardenLabyrinthAlthough the snowdrops were almost done for the season, the crocuses were in full bloom while the daffodils were bursting with yellow buds. On one flower, I watched as an early bee sought nourishment within the purple bloom. I gazed at a small hillside showing off its mantle of periwinkles. I felt the shroud of winter fall away as my spirits lifted with this show of spring. It was here at last!

We wandered around this compact gift of nature amazed by how much was packed into such a small area. Standing on a paved veranda at the back of a building used for meetings, we gazed down on a miniature labyrinth.BridgeGardenKnot Beyond the labyrinth was a knot garden.

We walked around the grounds passing other garden plots still dormant from the long winter. Even though no blooms were visible in these beds, there was a beauty to their starkness. We could only imagine what a diversity of color would add to these areas.

We continued meandering through this oasis, letting the sun and the warming breeze bring some peace to our stressful lives.BridgeGardenTopiary Completing a loop of Bridge gardens, we came to our last stop at a small topiary. I always smile in appreciation at the imagination of the gardener who creates these whimsical works of art. I am thankful to the gardener for sharing his gift.


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