End of Summer 2022

After taking a few weeks to decompress from my photography class, I decided it was time to get outside and practice some of the things I had learned, especially doing everything in manual mode. It was also the end of summer, and I wanted to get some pictures of Barrett’s Cove. I had been composing a few photos in my mind all summer, so I knew that by September 14th I needed to do this before all the boats and docks were removed from the lake.

Since I was walking to the cove, I didn’t want to load myself down with too much camera gear. I grabbed my camera with my go-to lens and took off towards the beach.  The first dock I studied, was just about ready to be removed from the lake. All the summer gear was gone and the ladder was flipped up on to the platform.  These owners were definitely ready for Autumn.

The next float I approached, stated “heck no! Summer is not over yet”! This one was all about color with its red, yellow and blue kayaks arranged across the dock.  I really liked the arrangement of the boats, their color and the dark water in the background. I think that by keeping my camera set to taking RAW files, it really made the colors stand out.

As I got closer to the beach, I tried to take a picture of the swimming dock framed by the branches of the trees in front of me. This is where my laziness went against me. I knew before I left the house that I should have brought my long lens with me but I just didn’t want to carry it. Going through the pictures after I got home verified that I needed a closer shot of the swimming platform. Alas, when I switched to my long lens and returned the next day, the town had already been there to remove the dock for the season. Summer was truly over as far as the town was concerned.

At the beach, I was lucky to find that there were still kayaks on the public boat racks. It was clear, however, that people were starting to collect their boats and store them away for the winter. I took a few different angles of this shot, but, I liked the trees framing the picture.

Finally, I took a few pictures of three boats moored out on the lake. This was another one that I had to come back for a re-shoot because I needed the long lens. The wind was really blowing these boats around, so I waited until I could get more than just their tail end. A few days later, 2 of the 3 boats were out of the water. Glad, I got out on my photo shoot before everything was put away for the winter.

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