Lunch on Bald Rock Mountain

During my first full weekend in our new home,BaldRockSilverrod we decided to take a break and head to one of our favorite places for lunch; the summit of Bald Rock Mountain. So, with a light lunch in hand, we made our way to the multi-use trail in Lincolnville.

Although I was still acclimated to the flat terrain of Long Island, I had finally reached an endurance level that would allow me to walk the one mile gradual incline of the multi-use trail without begging to stop for air. (My daily walks to Barrett’s Cove must be having a positive impact on my stamina, although I still cannot make it up the hill heading towards home without some difficulty). Once we reached the trail-headBaldRockSeptSummit I was hoping that I could make it up the half mile to the summit without stopping two or three times in order to bring my heart rate down; that proved to be an unattainable goal for this trip but it remained on my list as a future achievement.

Mid-September proved a wonderful time of year for this hike. The areas near the multi-use trail were filled with jewelweeds and asters; flowers that would bloom well into October. Along the Bald Rock Mountain trail, we found patches of silver-rod. During the hike, the woods were just beginning to present a hint of a more golden hue not seen in summer.

After making our obligatory three stops to catch my breath, we reached the summit.BaldRockSeptView We found a comfortable sunny spot to enjoy our lunch; the Penobscot Bay below us and a field of goldenrods before us. Directly across from our perch, we watched the ferry crossing to Isleboro. Beyond that, I assumed the mountains in the distance were part of Acadia. The day was fairly clear, providing us with a spectacular view.

We spent an hour basking in the gifts nature had offered us before heading back down the trail.


3 thoughts on “Lunch on Bald Rock Mountain

  1. what a great pic! reading your posts about Maine make the strings tug even harder! gotta get life organized so that we can begin building in Phippsburg.. in the meantime, my step daughter enrolled at Southern Maine Community College this fall.. so we have both motivation and opportunities to visit Portland for the time being 🙂 it sounds like you are settling in.. how wonderful..

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