October 29th; two years since my hip replacement. I was BarrettAnniversayhoping to commemorate the occasion with an anniversary hike but the last few weeks have not been kind. Somewhere, somehow during my daily walks to the beach I bruised my good ankle; possibly the result of a poorly fitting sneaker. Shortly after that I took a fall during a short hike, landing on my shoulder. The result of all of these mishaps was a sharp decline in physical activity. I suppose the lesson in all of this was that a) I should always wear good walking shoes or hiking boots when walking and b) try to avoid being a klutz (this one might be difficult).

Since BarrettAnniversayBeechmy ankle was improving, I decided I had to at least take a walk to celebrate my hip. It was time to get back to my daily walk to the beach, a round trip distance of almost 2 miles. Taking the walk slower than my normal pace would allow me to assess the progress of my recent injury.

Although nature was showing signs of winter on this late October day, there were still remnants of petals on the asters; the remains holding on as the breeze attempted to remove the flowers from the stem. With each gust of wind an abundance of leaves danced wildly through the air before gently landing on the colorful carpet covering the ground.

As I rounded the curve towards the cove, I noticed that the bright oranges and reds visible just days before were gone. Only the subdued hues of gold and rust were left to proclaim that autumn was still holding on. BarrettAnniversayTreesBeech trees were in the process of changing their dress from gold to rust. They too would soon succumb to the cold and shed their leaves.

Along the cove I noticed a clear distinction between the golden trees in the hills and the bare maples along the beach. It was clear that short days and cold nights were signaling a time of rest so that the various forms of life could recharge. I too had come back from a season of obstacles. The incidents over the last few weeks were minor; two years ago I proved that I could come back stronger than before.



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