Happy New Year’s Eve 2021

A new year is nearly upon us. After a year of turmoil, I hope that 2022 proves better than 2021 for all of us.

Perhaps we should take a moment to remember some of the good things; NASA engineers are flying a helicopter around mars, a new telescope was launched into space that will look farther back into space than we ever have before, electric vehicles are catching on, the pandemic has inspired “the great resignation” with workers seeking better work / life balance and better pay, and my all-time favorite, scientists have revealed that cheese isn’t bad for you. According to Wired magazine, “there is almost no evidence that cheese causes weight gain”. Thank goodness for that, so enjoy a little cheese with that glass of champagne come New Year’s Eve.

Closer to home, those of us north of 60 years old are still learning and coping with some newer technologies. We may not like using Zoom but it is keeping us connected with book clubs, family and friends. I have also been enjoying hiking with my hiking buddy, as well as my husband; although she is a little bit more understanding of the slow pace necessary for meditating on nature and taking photos. A few members of my book club have formed a smaller group of walking buddies, which is another plus with staying connected. In that brief time between the original version of COVID and the variants, we were able to enjoy a few days in the Rangeley area for a brief vacation, followed by a visit from our daughter later in the summer. Yes, there have been some good things happening this year.

And so, may the coming year find you enjoying new adventures in beautiful places.  I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year


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