Another Darn Snowstorm

By that end of the first weekend in March we were all done with winter. As that snow receded, I even found a few Coltsfoot buds pushing up through the small area of dirt that became visible through the receding snow. Unfortunately, winter was not done with us yet, for then came the Ides of March.

On March 14th, yet another storm came through. This one brought a wet, heavy snow which knocked out our power for 24 hours. Although the next day dawned on a magical winter wonderland, the trees did not fare so well. Most were bent over and touching the ground, under the weight of the snow. Our driveway was blocked and we had to actually shake the snow off the branches so that the trees would spring back.

During this storm, I discovered that my rain gauge failed completely as a snow gauge. This heavy, wet stuff just sat on top of the gauge like a hat. There was no snow inside the gauge. Instead, I had to rely on the flat surface of our grill and a ruler. By the time I got outside, I measured 10 inches on the grill, but the snow was already compressing down. My husband’s estimate, as he cleared the snow, was that we probably go closer to 12 inches of the white stuff.

We were not sure how much damage this storm caused, but a walk through our woods revealed a lot of branches were down. The tops of the evergreen trees at the edge of the woods were still curved two weeks after the storm. And now there was so much snow in our yard, we speculated that it would probably be there until July.


4 thoughts on “Another Darn Snowstorm

  1. We live inland and fared better than you did with the last storm. Sorry your power was knocked out. That is never fun. But it is amazing how fast the snow melts. A few weeks ago, we were buried, and now it is almost all gone. I am even thinking of sweeping the patio today.

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