Night Sky Finish

I finally finished the Night Sky quilt! The one that gave me so many problems. The one that I wanted to throw out once I completed the top because it wouldn’t lay flat. Despite all this, I put it on the quilt frame for quilting.

I had already decided that the best way to hand quilt Night Sky was to outline the stars and use some leaf stencils for the center of the stars. I stitched the primary star on the inside of the points, while stitching the outside of the points of the alternate color.  I would then stitch near the border seams of each block.

The hand stitching went smoothly and I was pleased to see that the quilting actually helped flatten out the quilt. The quilting pattern was not completely visible on the blocks themselves so I just hoped it would look okay. Once I removed the quilt from the frame and was able to view the stitching on the green strip I used on the back to supplement the black fabric, I was quite pleased with the pattern.

Now I needed to figure out how to add the binding. It wasn’t the flat sides of the quilt I was worried about, but how was I going to attach the binding to those points. I viewed the quilt-along video that the creator had put up, and studied the instruction pamphlet as well, before I attempted a test run. Slowly and carefully I attached the binding to the points. There were a few of the inner points that could have turned out better, but no worse than any other binding I had added to quilts. I finally added the label on the back of the quilt, near one of the points, and it was done.

We invited our friends over for a pizza night, and I presented her with the quilt. She was so excited that we had to hold it up for showing a few times, before we sat down for dinner. Another quilt gifted to a close friend.


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