Falls Park on the Reedy

Leaving the Quarry Garden, we soon found ourselves back on a section of the miles long Swamp Rabbit Trail, heading towards the Falls Park on the Reedy.  In the past two hours we had meandered through a series of connected parks, all near the downtown area of Greenville. We had started our journey at the northern end of Cleveland Park, meandered south for a detour of the Fernwood Nature Trail, followed the trail along the Reedy River towards the southwestern end of Cleveland Park with a brief detour to Quarry Park, then back on the path to head west through the Cancer Survivors Park to the Falls Park on Reedy.

The trail system was well laid out, taking us under bridges instead of forcing walkers to cross busy roads. Once we passed, the Cancer Survivors Park and were officially on the Reedy park system, we did find a detour of the Swamp Rabbit Trail due to erosion. To our eyes, it looked like the erosion had been caused by new buildings at the top of a large hill. In any case the detour was fairly easy to follow. Shortly after entering the Falls Park, we had an excellent view of Liberty Bridge with the falls and the downtown area in the background.

There were a few different paths to follow through the park and it really depended on how much we wanted to pack in during this visit. Rather than take the steps down to an arboretum, which I believed was called Little Falls Park, we stayed on the higher elevation. I think at this point, we were not only getting hungry but also a little tired, and did not relish the idea of climbing down some steep looking steps.

At some point, we crossed a bridge that took us closer to some business. But first, before lunch, there was one more stop I wanted to see. At the far end of the park, near University Street there was a Chihuly sculpture. Alas, when we found the artwork, all the glass had been removed, our guess was that this was done due to the approaching hurricane. Disappointed, I looked across the street and found a promising BBQ place for lunch. Approaching 1 pm, it was time to rest our feet for a bit.

After lunch, we found another entry to the Reedy Falls from Main Street. This trail gave us a better view of the bridge and the falls. It was pretty clear why this was such a popular spot. We did not cross Liberty Bridge, but perhaps on our next visit we will.

After enjoying a bit of time near the falls, we made our way up Main Street. At the top of Main Street, we turned east towards the inn. That ½ mile walk my husband thought we were taking turned out to be 6 miles in over 4 hours. Back at the inn we laid out our itinerary for the next day when Hurricane Ian would be passing through. It would be a good day to visit the museums in the area.


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