A Quilt Finish

I must admit that by June 11th, I am getting a little bit bored with this new world order. I have not been getting out on my nature study walks as much as I would  liked, nor have we been hiking all that much. So what else have I been doing all this time? Well, our library subscribes to a streaming service called Kanopy, which allows access to all of the “Great Courses” videos, so, over the last few months I have been delving into their photography course. It is one of the best online photography classes I have seen. I have been reading a lot, about a book every 5 days. A few people I know, have started a Friday evening book club via Zoom. We call it our Happy Hour Book Club and recently, my monthly book club has agreed to meet in the library park with masks and social distance protocols in place. Fortunately, the weather cooperated.

But somehow, it seems like I still have a lot of time on my hands. Perhaps, it is just a feeling that has come over me due to the current situation. It doesn’t help that this week the weather has been a bit oppressive  and today it is raining.

What hasn’t helped, is that two years ago I was told that I have an irreparable shoulder injury. Physical therapy has helped, but recently it has gotten worse to the point where I decided to have an injection for the pain. It is ironic that this blog started during my recovery from a hip replacement and now I see a shoulder replacement in my future. Fortunately, I still have full range of motion, so I will put that surgery off as long as I possibly can. Hopefully, it is years down the road so I want have to bore you all soon with tales of my road back to recovery.

This unfortunately has meant that my quilting activity, the one thing that can fill my days, has diminished a bit. This last quilt has taken far longer to finish than I anticipated but at last it is done! I guess my Irish Garden quilt has taken me about 10 months to hand quilt but I am pleased with the results. I like the fact that the hand quilting design really pops on the black strips on the back of the quilt. Speaking of the back, referred to as my “backing from hell” because I really had to cobble strips together to make up the back, I am satisfied with the way it has come out. I guess the arrangement has grown on me.

In between finishing the quilt, I have also been making masks for myself and my youngest daughter. One of the bonuses of having a hobby where you collect material, is that there are always enough scraps to make something else. As a result, I have been playing with different mask patterns, the standard surgical mask look and a more form fitting pattern. We have agreed that the form fitting pattern works the best. I do have to say that making masks is not something I particularly enjoy but it does fill up some of my time.

4 thoughts on “A Quilt Finish

  1. Beautiful quilt! Hope that shoulder can wait until there is a vaccine for covid-19. I really like the name of your book club. I belong to both a virtual book and movie club. Wonderful to have them during this time of the pandemic. Finally, my library also subscribes to Kanopy, and I will look up that photography course. Improvement is always a good thing. 😉

    • Thanks. Even without the shoulder problems, it usually takes about a year for me to complete a quilt since I am a hand quilter. I think there are only a few of us left.

  2. At times like this it helps to have various hobbies & interests to serve as outlets for artistic pursuits. It’s good to see that you have those outlets. The quilt work is lovely.

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