Hosmer Brook with a Friend

I had observed over the last few weeks, that if we were going to hike at one of the more popular trails in the area, it was much better to go early and go mid-week. With this in mind, my friend and I decided to meet at the Snow Bowl and meander along the Hosmer Brook Trail, even though I had pushed myself with a 5 mile hike up Frohock Mountain the day before. We arrived at the empty parking lot around 9 and set off for the trail behind the ski rental trailer.

To reach the trail, we walked up part of the ski slope before entering the woods. Once in the woods, our first stop was to watch the flowing water of the brook. The sound of the running water certainly helped wash away some of the tense emotions that had been building recently, especially for my friend who had to deal with a belligerent person during one of her solo hikes. All because he resented the fact that she was wearing a mask.

We continued our journey up towards the Hosmer Loop, crossing the stream several times. Along the way I spotted the leaves of the Blue-bead Lily and was very excited to find one with a stem and buds present. Hurray! Pretty soon these flowers would be blooming.

Once on the mile long loop, we turned towards the upper portion of the loop. This section led towards a small ridge with water running down the rocks. There were signs of additional plant growth along the way but I was unable to identify them. They were very small, with two shiny basal leaves. Since this was one of my husband’s favorite trails I was sure we would probably return at some point when this plant was more mature. Perhaps I would be able to identify it then.

When we reached the intersection of the Hosmer Loop with the George’s Highland Path, we decided to continue on the loop due to time constraints. The lower portion of the loop, in my opinion, was not as pretty, but we opted to complete the entire trail anyway. As we approached the end of the loop, the path got very wet and muddy. I had forgotten about this. It was probably another reason why I did not enjoy this section of the trail.

Descending the slope back towards the parking area, we found several patches of ferns arranged in circles. It reminded me of fairy rings and I tried to capture the magical moment with my camera, but alas, these pictures did not capture the enchantment of the moment. Since then, I have observed many such circles and I wondered if that is just the way these particular types of ferns grow. If so, I had never noticed this before. In any case, the fantasy of fairy circles was a wonderful ending to our outing.

3 thoughts on “Hosmer Brook with a Friend

  1. Hi Mary, I think your unknown plant with the two shiny basal leaves was a beech seedling, and the shiny leaves are its seed leaves (Cotyledons.) That was a nice find. I’ve seen them just twice in 60+ years.
    I’m glad you’re trying to get people into the woods to enjoy nature. That’s what my blog is all about as well.

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