Cameron Success!

Two weeks after our failed attempt at making the summit of Cameron Mountain, we decided to try again. With the temperatures 20 degrees cooler and the humidity hovering at a more acceptable level, we felt that we would be able to achieve our goal. It was also the only nice day sandwiched between some cold, rainy days.

When we reached the parking area, we noticed some people preparing for their hike by donning nets and spraying clothes. Mother’s Day weekend; and right on schedule the black flies had appeared! This meant that we would have to keep moving towards our destination for my husband had little tolerance for standing around swatting at insects while I attempted to take pictures. Thus, a beautiful, artistically curled fern did not get a second chance of being photographed after the first shot showed up as a green blur. Onward we went.

This time around we did not feel exhausted and sore when we reached the Cameron trail-head, a good sign since we had done this portion of the trail many times before when we hiked Bald Rock Mountain. It was a little less buggy here so we did pause for a few brief moments to observe the difference that two weeks had made in the vegetation. The Canada Mayflowers were just beginning to push up the stem that would grow into the familiar small white flower, the Wild Sarsaparilla was beginning to form the fireworks-like ball of flowers underneath its leaves, and, just before the marker telling us the turn off was a mile down the trail, I spied a Trillium in bloom. We also discovered that this particular trail seemed to be a haven for Black and White Warblers. We watched many of these tiny birds flitting up and down the trees on either side of the trail. A pair of Thrushes also played about in the woods as we walked by.

It wasn’t long before we spotted some snowmobile signs and a smaller sign pointing the way to the summit. Seeing the signs, we realized that during our first attempt to conquer this mountain, we had bailed out only 50 yards from the turn off. We had been so close but in our exhaustion had not seen it. However,  this was a better day. From where we stood, at the edge of the woods, we knew it would not take us long to walk up the trail and achieve our goal.

We proceeded through the field and reached the top of Cameron Mountain in just a few minutes. In one direction, we could see a portion of Megunticook Lake and Ragged Mountain beyond. In the other direction, we looked about at Bald Rock and Derry Mountains. We spent some time enjoying the panoramic views before the breeze died down and the flies returned. It was time to return home and bask in our success.


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