Bowdoin Pines

By mid-April the snow was almost gone and I was ready for a road trip with my adventure buddy. April was also the month for the quilt shop hop in Maine. Although my friend did not quilt, she was willing to go along for the ride. If everything worked according to plan, we would also find a place where we could explore the outdoors.

With an agenda sketched out, we set off for the 2 hour ride to Freeport to visit our first quilt shop. There was one small glitch when we discovered that the store was not in its previous location but it wasn’t long before we arrived at the new destination, closer to the center of town. After admiring all the pretty fabric for a bit, we were off towards our next destination.

I had decided that it would be nice to walk around Bowdoin Pines in Brunswick. Having obtained descriptions and directions, I knew that there was parking behind the alumni house of Bowdoin College where we would find a kiosk with maps at the trail head. I found the parking area without any difficulties but there was no kiosk or anything else nearby to mark the trail head. At one end of the parking area, we found what looked like a trail leading through the woods. With a “what could go wrong” attitude we set off to explore the wooded area.

Walking through pine forests can be a bit tough as far as locating a trail is concerned since there is no undergrowth that would help distinquish a trail from the rest of the wooded area. Fortunately, the area probably received enough use from the college students that we could make out some kind of path through the trees. As we meandered along, my friend began collecting bird feathers (and there were a lot of them) while I focused on the pine trees themselves and the long runoff ditch beside us.

Eventually, we were forced to make a choice of ending our stroll at the back of a shopping center or crossing the railroad tracks and hoping the trail continued on the other side. Needless to say, we opted for crossing the tracks. Shortly after crossing the tracks, I found a few Skunk Cabbage in bloom. There was enough of them there that I found one that allowed me to study the green spiky ball inside the plant. After I took a picture, I stood up and looked around only to discover that I was surrounded by hundreds of Skunk Cabbage. It was another one of those moments when you finally see something and discover that that particular object is everywhere!

At some point the woods became increasingly wet, until the trail became impassable. We retraced our steps across the tracks and headed towards our next destination. Ultimately, we visited four quilt shops and a pine forest; a productive day indeed.


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