Design to Construction

After spending time playing around with my EQ7 quilt design software and creating test blocks to determine the accuracy of the software’s cutting measurements, it was time to move on to the construction phase of this year’s big quilt project. I still was uncertain about the amount of fabric required for the border, but I figured I would construct the bulk of the quilt top before tackling the border problem.

I’m not sure if it was the thrill of the quilt design package or the sudden awareness of accurate measurements but I found that I proceeded with extra caution during the construction of the blocks. I needed four different blocks to create this quilt and with each block, I took additional time with measuring before and after cutting. I have found that the more pieces needed to construct a block, the greater the chances of ending up with the finished block being the wrong size, so when I approached the nine patch block, I measured and trimmed during each part of the assembly process. Finally, the blocks were assembled. Miracle of miracles, they all measured within acceptable tolerance of 11.5 inches. Hurrah!

When I laid out the blocks to prepare for the final assembly, I found that something just didn’t feel right about the design. Something seemed a little disjointed with the flow of the pattern. I studied the quilt for a minute before rotating the corner pieces so that the blue fabric made a continuous circular path around the outer edge of my creation. This one little change made the whole thing more aesthetically pleasing. Now it was time for the final assembly.

Once the rows were constructed, I proceeded on to the inner borders. Everything was going according to plan. It was now time to figure out the outer border. I measured the green fabric once more and decided to lower that outer edge by an inch to a final border of 5.5 inches. After cutting the necessary strips to construct the border, I was left with two one inch strips of green fabric. Very close, but still enough to complete the quilt top.

After completing the top, I studied the final product once more. I must say I was very pleased with the results. I surveyed the fabric left over from the construction and decided I would try to do something with the remaining pink, brown, blue and floral pieces for the backing. But that must wait for another posting.


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