As I waslogcabindec16-2 reaching the end of quilting my large Home Garden quilt, I kept getting a bad feeling. Somehow, I had the thought that when we re-assembled the frame after moving, we reversed the front (take up) and the back (feed) rollers. The rollers themselves would not matter but the length of the leader fabrics would make a big difference. If the longer leader was not on the back roller, I would not be able to get the last little bit of the quilt into the quilting space and would have to finish it off the frame.

Before I reached that point, I ran into another snag. As I was rolling the next to last row into the sewing space the rollers stopped moving and would not budge. I looked all around the frame and crawled under it but could not find a reason for the rollers getting stuck.logcabindec16-1 Of course, my husband took one look at it and said “there’s the problem, the batting is as far as it can go.” How true. I had fastened the batting to the bottom roller (which was really not necessary) and once I released it from the roller, I was good to go.

I continued sewing the last two rows,until sure enough, I reached the end of the feeder roller.  I could comfortably stitch the first inner border and could, at a stretch, stitch the second border. Now, I do have long arms but I am not a gorilla, so the third border would LogCabinMay16.4really be an uncomfortable stretch.  I had no choice but to remove the quilt from the frame and sew the last two borders with a 12 inch hoop. This actually turned out to be a good thing because I realized I did not know how I connected the butterflies around the corners on the lower edge of the quilt. Once the quilt came off the frame, I noticed that I did not connect the butterflies at all but stitched a flower in each corner, so some good came of my mishap after all. Here’s hoping for a finish before the end of the year.


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