Autumn Sunrise

For a sunriseoct16-1few weeks, we were toying with the idea of a sunrise hike up our favorite mountain in the Camden Hills. The advantage of attempting this during mid-October, was that sunrise was at 7 o’clock. Although still considered early by some, getting up closer to 5 in order to be at the multi-use trail by 5:30, still seemed a little more civilized than other times of the year. This would allow us the hour we usually needed to reach the summit with plenty of time to enjoy the pre-sunrise light changes.

During the first half of the hike, we followed the small circle of lights from our headlights as we made our way to the Bald Rock Mountain trailhead. At the trailhead, we stopped for a few minutes to rest and take a water break before continuing up the trail. Since we were both in a “deconditioned” state, we paused several times during our journey; once before the stone steps, sunriseoct16-2again at the top of the steps where I seem to have a favorite resting spot, and at least twice more.

After reaching the summit we sat on the rocks, opened our hot drinks and energy bars, and enjoyed the solitude of the early light. Since we had done this morning hike several times before, I decided to focus some time on other elements of nature. I watched a patch of wispy clouds near the horizon gradually change from pale pink to white near the dark red horizon.sunriseoct16-3

Several minutes after sunrise, I studied the reflection of the early morning light on the rocks around me. Everything took on a rosy hue in the early light of day. We watched for another half hour as the shadows receded from the hollows below us. The light took on a more yellowish tint as time went on but there was now enough light for us to make out the autumn splendor in the land below us. We enjoyed the changing light for another length of time before heading back down the trail to a second cup of something hot and a more substantial breakfast.


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