Camden Bog

The BogJul.1humid weather broke for a few days, after my walk along the Little River Community Trail. Although the weather was pleasant, I did not feel up to another expedition on my own but I still felt the urge to get out and explore. Where to go?

I remembered a spot I had passed a number of times while completing various errands around town. Tucked in a residential area between two houses was an official looking, wooden park sign that simply said “The Bog Natural Area”. I often wondered about this and decided that the Camden Bog just might be the ideal spot for a short exploration.BogJul.3

Parking just in front of some stones at the beginning of the trail I proceeded to explore. Bird calls sounded all around me, so I stopped in an attempt to catch some sight of these songsters. Of course, the only bird I saw was a chipping sparrow who would not sit still long enough for a picture. Not being the patient sort to sit with a camera and wait for the perfect moment I moved on.

As IBogJul.2 reached the edge of the bog, the trail veered slightly to the right. A woman was approaching, walking a small, puffy dog that had a slight resemblance to a fox. It may have been a Pomeranian, I’m not sure. I do know it was the most well-groomed dog I have ever seen.The woman and I chatted for a bit, before going our separate ways; I tucking under a branch to continue my explorations, while BogJul.4she headed back towards the road.

I paused, facing the bog to study the different plants around me. I found an interesting reed with a fuzzy top. Another plant had gone to seed, with interesting peapod shaped seeds. Most of the pods had turned brown but I did find one that was still green. I was mesmerized by the intricate design on the underside of some Queen Anne’s Lace. The wooded side of the trail sported yellow clusters of St. John’s-Wort.

Done exploring this area, I turned to continue only to find the end of the trail. I had walked no more than 10 minutes and had gone maybe 600 feet from the road. A very short walk indeed but rich in the gifts it had to offer.



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