Log Cabin Quilt Project – Part 4

As LogNov15.3I approach the one year mark on my Log Cabin project, I realize that I have not provided an update of my progress. When I last posted about this quilt, I was still trying to decide on just the right combination of blues to actually construct the log cabin block. After polling a number of people about my combination choices, the blue ribbon fabric won a place as the middle fabric for the dark blue side of the block. LogCabinMay16.1Now it was time to actually construct the block.

Normally, I would piece the sections of such straight lines in a method known as strip piecing. This means I would stitch all the yellow centers and the dark blue pieces together first, running each pair through the machine in a continuous line. This method is faster than completing each block before beginning the next block. However, when I stitched together a test block first, I discovered that I lost ½ inch on the block. This meant that by the time I finished the quilt, I could lose several inches overall. My only option was to create each block separately and adjust each section of stitching as I went along (and of course every single row of those blocks needed to be adjusted). As a result, LogCabinMay16.2the log cabin blocks took quite a while to complete but eventually I finished these blocks and was able to alternate these blocks with my flower blocks for a beautiful finish.

With the assembly complete, I was ready to start the actual quilting phase but this presented another problem. A quilt this size would be too cumbersome to stitch using a hoop,  I really needed to use my quilt frame to ease the process of LogCabinMay16.3putting the 3 layers together so I could proceed with quilting. But my quilt frame was in a room occupied by my youngest child. The thought was that we would move the frame into the second guest room but during the month of April my LogCabinMay16.4oldest child and her husband were here most weekends working on projects for their new house.

Finally life settled down and the frame was moved into the second bedroom. I rolled the 3 layers on to the frame, laid out my stitching lines and was ready to quilt. By the end of June, I had completed the lower borders and two rows of my “Home Gardens” quilt.


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