Log Cabin Quilt Project – Part 3

Since LogDec15.1I could not make up my mind about the blues, I decided to put off  a decision about the fabric choices for the log cabin blocks. While I waited for inspiration about the dark blue side of the log cabin block, I could still go ahead and work on the floral pieces that would make up the alternate blocks. Twenty four floral pieces may not sound like much, but oh, the construction involved in making those flowers.

The flowers LogDec15.2 themselves consisted of four square pieces of fabric, with yellow centers, green leaves and white background. Cutting the pieces for each flower would take some time. Each of the four flower pieces would need a

yellow center, or 4 pieces times 24 blocks for 96 yellow centers. But even that wasn’t too bad compared to the fact that I needed to cut 384 green squares for the leaves!

After LogDec15.4diligently cutting all the 1.5 inch squares for the green and yellow squares, and drawing diagonal lines on the back of all those squares, I was ready for assembly. Each of the LogDec15.5four flower squares received one yellow and two green squares before I was finally ready to combine the four squares that would make up the floral block.

But my blocks were still not complete. I also needed to attach the white background to each floral block. That involved cutting 48 white squares into quarter-square triangles. LogDec15.6 Once I attached a green square to the point of each triangle and sewing two white triangles together, I was ready for the final step. I attached four white background pieces to each flower and my flower blocks were complete. Given the steps involved where things could have gone very wrong, I must say I was very pleased with the results.



One thought on “Log Cabin Quilt Project – Part 3

  1. hi there! very nice colors.. hope you are enjoying winter much more than last year.. it practically looks like spring here in PA.. we really only had one decent snow fall, and the rain on Wed. washed it all away.. 50 degrees yesterday.. spring is right around the corner! we can’t wait to head back to Maine in May 🙂 jt

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