Lately Difference.1the days have not been conducive for walking or hiking. By early December, I had grown weary of the cloudy, damp feeling days and decided to take my usual walk around the neighborhood.

As I set out down the road, the raucous sound of unhappy crows filled the air. I ignored this cacophony and tried to concentrate on the faint calls of chickadees instead. Once the crows moved on, not only could I enjoy the songs of the chickadees but the gentle lapping sound of the lake as well.

Meandering towards the beach, I noticed the spent flowers of the curly or broadleaved dock. Difference.2Studying the brown stems, I realized that I actually prefer this particular flower after its blooms have withered for the season . I thought how it would be perfect in a dried arrangement.

Continuing on my journey, I speculated on what a difference one year can make. Difference.3By early December of 2014 there had already been at least one significant snowfall that left us without power for several days. But this year, winter had yet to arrive. Over the last several weeks, the days had been mostly cloudy with little or no precipitation.

I paused along the river, looking towards the beach. The greyness of the day and bareness of the trees gave the appearance of winter but the temperatures told another story. Difference.4At the beach, I gazed at the cloud formations over the mountains across the lake, letting the serenity of the scene take over.

On my journey home, I noticed an interesting ice pattern on the leaves; the only hint of winter was this early morning frost. Although I wondered if winter would come, I was glad that I could still find beauty in even the bleakest of days.



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