Log Cabin quilt project – Part 2

ByLogNov15.3 late November, temperatures were finally dropping, daylight vanished by 4:30 and grey clouds filled the sky. It was time to begin laying out the log cabin blocks for my next project. At this point, I was not worried about the floral blocks for I knew I had enough fabric and I was pleased with my color selections. I was more concerned with the log cabin blocks.

I had LogOption.3started the project with four blues from my stash; two for the dark blue side and two for the light blue side. Unfortunately, there was not enough of one of the light blues to create 25 blocks. I would either have to drop this fabric from my current project, or combine it with another light blue in the same position (as outlined in red).

After acquiring additional material for this block, I had eight blues on hand; four for both the light and dark sides of the log cabin. I only needed three for each shade. As mentioned above, the light fat-quarter could easily be removed from this project or combined with another fabric. I mulled over the dark fabrics and the more I studied my choices the more uncertain I became about the blue ribbon fabric from my stash. It could be me, but the color just seemed a bit “off” for this project.

So I am asking my readers, what I should do.

Option 1 and 2 keeps the blue ribbon fabric with the dark fabrics but changes the dark fabric near the bottom of each image. On the light side, there is an Option 1a and 2a, which would use a combination of the light fat-quarter and the solid blue in the middle (as outlined in red above).


Option 1


Option 2


Finally option 3 removes the blue ribbon fabric from the dark blues and the fat-quarter from the light blues. And finally, option 3a is the one pictured above with the red outline.


Option 3



3 thoughts on “Log Cabin quilt project – Part 2

  1. I think I like option two for the darks without the light cross-hatchy fat quarter. Did you have enough of the ribbon fabric? We’ll have to pet and play with the pretties later!

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