Log Cabin Quilt Project – Part I

DuringLogNov15.1 the summer months, I was already thinking about my next quilt project for the winter. I studied my collection of patterns, finally deciding on a combination of log cabin blocks surrounded by blocks made to look like flowers. For those unfamiliar with quilting, a log cabin block is made up of 2 sides of various dark colored fabrics going from lightest to darkest (various shades of browns, for example), and 2 sides of light colored fabrics (tans, for example). The center of the block, representing the hearth is usually red.

For my log cabin block, I decided to use shades of dark blues and light blues with a yellow center for the hearth. Off I went to my fabric cabinet to see what I had on hand, only to discover that either the shades of blues did not go with each other, or there was not enough of one shade to use for the entire quilt. Over the years, I have come to realize that unless a person is making a scrap quilt, a quarter yard of fabric is pretty useless.

After examining my stash of blue fabrics, I came up with 2 possible dark blues and 2 possible light blues. Who knew that blues would be so difficult to match up? Of the four fabrics I had selected, I was not sure I had enough of the lightest blue or the blue ribbon fabric for the dark side. In either case, I needed at least 3 shades of fabric for each side of the log cabin. For the flower blocks I had a green for the leaves and a white for the background but I still needed fabric to make up the flowers and the flower center. This would mean I would have to buy additional fabric for the two blocks… What a shame!

LogNov15.2 LogNov15.4

As late July approached, I met my daughter in Augusta for the annual quilt show, the perfect place to hunt down additional fabric. In addition to admiring all the quilts that others have entered in the show, there would be hundreds of vendors selling quilt related material. Could any quilter ask for a better way to spend a Friday morning?

We spent the morning walking around the hundreds of quilts on display, most of intricate designs or using techniques I had not even begun to think about. After lunch, we headed for the vendor booths. By the time we finally exited the quilt show, I had acquired 4 additional blues, yellows for the centers and fabric for constructing the flowers. Success!

LogNov15.3 LogNov15.5

On my return home, I washed my new fabrics then put the whole project away until the colder weather inspired thoughts of indoor projects.


One thought on “Log Cabin Quilt Project – Part I

  1. so.. I have always wanted to make a quilt! so far, however, the best effort that I could muster is a patchwork quilt for the 4 poster bed that I made for my daughter’s American Girl Doll. wish I had a picture! Looking forward to seeing your project come to life.. perhaps when I am more semi retired than I am at the moment, I will find the time to make a real quilt 🙂 jt

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