New Friends

After our adventures inBaldRockSep15.1 Acadia, hiking Day Mountain, we met up with a fellow blogger and follower of my blog. This is so out of character for us, since both my husband and I are generally suspicious of people we do not know. Probably comes from living in an area that had been overcrowded for so many years. We heeded our own advice to our children about meeting people in person that one only knows online and met at a public café in downtown Bar Harbor. There we spent a lovely hour orBaldRockSep15.2 so getting to know each other, and after deciding that neither Jason nor Janet were potential threats (sorry guys 🙂 ), we invited them to join us for a hike in the Camden Hills State Park.

After spending a few days near the Bath area of Maine, our new friends joined us for breakfast the Friday of Labor Day Weekend. Of course, whenever we introduce friends to Camden Hills, we have to hike Bald Rock Mountain. It provides such BaldRockSep15.3spectacular views after only an hour of hiking. So after breakfast, we headed off to the multi-use trail in Lincolnville to begin our journey.

It was a beautiful day for a moderate hike. We must have been conversing about various things along the way, for it seemed in no time at all we had reached the summit of Bald Rock Mountain. At the top we could make out the mountains of Acadia National Park and tried to pick out Dorr, Sargent and Cadillac Mountains. Below us, two large sailboats made their way to Camden Harbor for the Windjammer Festival, while Turkey Vultures circled lazily above us.

We sat at the top of Bald Rock Mountain for quite some time, just talking and looking out over the water. It was a great way to spend time with new friends.


One thought on “New Friends

  1. Thanks for a wonderful breakfast.. for introducing us to a new trail .. and for sharing your company.. what a great day we had.. looking forward to catching up with you both again before we head back to PA for the winter.. jt

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