Beauchamp Point

After BeauchampJul15.1several days of oppressive humidity, punctuated by the occasional torrential thunderstorm, I knew I needed to get out for a walk. Given the heaviness of the air, I had no desire to tackle something that would require a great deal of effort and so, I thought a walk around Beauchamp Point in Rockport would be nice.

Although most of the waterfront along the Point is privately owned, BeauchampJul15.6there is a dirt road where a person can walk in relative solitude and admire the view. Just park along one of the pullouts along the road and start exploring.

Since it was a weekday, I began my walk at the Vesper Hill Children’s Chapel (another little hidden gem in the area). Vesper’s Chapel is a small outdoor chapel that overlooks the harbor. Needless to say, it is a very popular place for weddings. In fact, our daughter was married there several years ago. BeauchampJul15.3For this walk, I assumed there would be no weddings performed on a weekday and parked at the chapel.

I began my explorations on the chapel grounds, walking up the stone stepsBeauchampJul15.4 to the chapel. I paused here for a time, soaking in the atmosphere of this tiny, peaceful structure while gazing out towards the water. As other visitors entered this place, I moved out to walk around the cultivated grounds before heading out towards the dirt road of Beauchamp Point.

My goal for this walk was to observe the roadside wildflowers that were flowering in the hot, dry months of late July and early August. My first stop was a field of Milkweeds. There were still a few flowers visible in the field but for the most part the Milkweeds were done. I was surprised by this, since I thought BeauchampJul15.2Milkweeds would still be going strong when the butterflies begin to migrate in the Fall. I enjoyed the fluttering of a pair of birds and a spotted a few butterflies before continuing my journey.

As I meandered along the road, I noticed that the white flowers of the Valerian BeauchampJul15.5where taken on a more feathery appearance of a plant in the beginning stages of going to seed. The Valerian was giving way to heavy clusters of Queen Anne’s lace, standing almost 6 feet high in some places. In some areas, the flowers of the purple clover had dried up and turned brown. Further on, I noticed that there were fewer blossoms on the St. John’s Wort.

There are several spots along this dirt road where side trails lead to the rocky shore, offering a place to rest while observing the activities within Rockport Harbor. Occasionally, people who know about this secret place will sunbath or picnic on the granite ledge jutting out into the harbor. I made my way towards the shore in order to take in the both the views and sounds of the water. There just seems to be something soothing about sitting by a body of water.

When I was done meditating, I continued towards the end of Beauchamp Point. There I discovered a cluster of Bell Flowers, before turning back towards Vesper’s Chapel.


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