A Small Project

After the rather large project of a queen size wedding quilt, I was in the mood for a smaller project to occupy the summer months. Looking around the house for some ideas that would be conducive to a sewing project, I noticed that after 32 years, our nightstands were still protected by hand towels. I figured it was time to remedy that situation and tablemats were in order.

My quilts tend to be made up of rectangles and squares. Rather simple patterns really, with the occasionally project using half square triangles, thrown in to mix things up a bit. In fact the wedding quilt I had just completed was mostly half square triangles making up the stars. Although my husband often challenges me to try something with circles, I feel I need to build up to that. There are plenty of star patterns that are complicated before I tackle circles. For this project, I had been saving a pattern that seemed a little bit more complicated and TableMat2decided to expand my horizons. Ironically, as I was cutting the pieces, I realized that this pattern was all half square triangles as well. It was how they all went together that was the challenging part.

The second goal for this project was to use fabrics I already had on hand. Rummaging through my stash I found an excellent floral print, a green, pink and a purple that would look nice against the dark cherry furniture. Unfortunately there was not enough of the purple to complete two tablemats but figuring they would be on opposite sides of the room, I pulled another purple fabric that fit in with the theme.

The mats went together without too much difficulty and soon I was searching my fabrics for a suitable backing material. I found a pale green that would not have gone with anything on the front but since it wasn’t going to touch any of the colors on the front, I thought it might work.

Since this TableMat1was a small project, I decided to machine quilt around all the pieces and that is where the trouble began. Twisting and turning the fabric was a bit troublesome, as well as trying to get the needle through the points of the triangles (my machine has never really like working on bulky material). In an attempt to work around one of these corners, I was not paying attention to my hands or the fact that my foot was still on the controls and managed to put the needle through my finger. Well, now I was not only seeing stars on the mats! As I tended to my puncture wound, my daughter commented on the fact that I really did put a piece of myself into every quilt I make. I guess she is right, there is some of my DNA in every quilt I make, usually not from a machine needle though. I wonder if that means that every quilt is made with a little bit of love 🙂


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