Maiden Cliff Trail

On aMaidenCliffJun15.01 recent morning in June, I decided to see if I could finally manage the Maiden Cliff Trail. We had hiked a back trail to the cross on top of Maiden Cliff several times, but I had not attempted this trail in many years due to the problems with my hip and subsequent replacement surgery. MaidenCliffJun15.5There was a fear that this route, with its loose gravel in some places and steep ascents in others, would present too great a challenge but it was time to give it a try.

Since the trailhead is just across the highway from the beach at Barrett’s Cove, my husband and I walked from our house to the Maiden Cliff Trail. MaidenCliffJun15.6As we reached the parking area, we stopped to admire a large area filled with Crown Vetch. It is possible that these clover like flowers are one of my favorites.

The uphill climb actually begins before the wanderer even enters the parking area. Once in the woods, the ascent continues on a somewhat steeper angle. With some stops, I persevered. As I have mentioned, moving slightly off trail to allow stronger hikers to pass by is a great tactic to catch your breath. Another trick is to take a picture. MaidenCliffJun15.3It helps if you are kneeling down to get a close-up and mutter once in a while that you can’t get the darn thing in focus. I suspect most people are not fooled but they are all too polite. Those travelers in the over 50 crowd have mentioned that they have also used that trick. Oh well! I guess I didn’t full anybody.

There were a few places that were somewhat steep and at one point we climbed some stone steps, similar to the Bald Rock Mountain Trail. Other areas of the trail consisted of smooth rock. These were the sections that made me nervous, for even when the trail was not wet these stones could be slippery due to the forest debris covering the crevices.MaidenCliffJun15.2 I walked cautiously over these obstacles and soon made it to a more level section of the trail.

Eventually, we made it to the ledge overlooking Megunticook Lake. Ironically, the hardest part of this trip, was trying to make it down the rocks to the cross. I did not realize that there was another way down, so I paused for a few minutes trying to figure out how I was going to make it to my destination. After studying the situation, MaidenCliffJun15.4I decided the best approach was to sit down and just slide down the rocks to the bottom of the trail. I have found, when all else fails, that the “butt approach” is often the best solution.

It turned out to be the perfect day to be at the top of a mountain, looking out over a lake and taking in what nature had to offer. I looked towards the beach at Barrett’s Cove and was pleased with how far I had come. It had taken us a little over one hour to reach the summit from our home.


3 thoughts on “Maiden Cliff Trail

  1. great pics.. it sounds like you are loving summer and the opportunity to get outdoors .. still thinking of coming to Acadia? we stopped by the precipice trailhead today as we rode our bikes around the loop road.. it will be closed till mid-august.. can’t wait to tackle it after that.. but there are some beautiful, less harrowing, trails that you would absolutely love … jt

    • We are enjoying the outdoors. I was happy to be able to do this trail. It has been awhile. Still trying to get up to Acadia. Looking for some easy to moderate trails there.

      • the wonderland trail is on the quiet side of the island.. flat, but nice.. the jordan pond loop is about 3 miles around the lake.. also flat, but very nice.. the shore path is nice .. out and back from sand beach to otter cliffs .. but it is very popular and quite crowded at this point.. it is about 4 miles total.. my wife suggests the Jessop trail.. quite nice and close to the kebo trail which is also very doable.. hope you make it up!

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