A Spring Visit

Memorial BayardCuttingMay15.1Day weekend we returned to Long Island. This time it was the happy occasion of celebrating the wedding of our friends’ son. We also took the opportunity to touch base with other friends who are still close to our hearts, even though a physical distance now separates us. And of course, we found the time to walk.

It seemed fitting that we gravitated towards the Bayard Cutting Arboretum. It was the place I went to just before my hip replacement, the place I returned to on the anniversary of my surgery, BayardCuttingMay15.2and the place I brought my mother to when she was slowing down. Perhaps, there is some healing that goes on when I visit this place. I do know that it is a place where I always seem to really immerse myself in nature.

We began our walk on the wilder side of the park, where there would be few encounters with other visitors. Most people who come here, seem to stay close to the water or the manicured gardens, not bothering to BayardCuttingMay15.3explore the areas left in a more natural setting. Even the views of the water were different; glimpsed through the green curtain of the surrounding vegetation.

It is here, that we found Wild Sarsaparilla and Canada Mayflowers already in bloom. I practiced my photography skills on these delicate flowers, but as usual, I could not get them in focus and handed the camera over to my husband, who of course, got a nice clear shot. I should probably take the time to learn how the camera works but that requires patience and the desire to spend the time doing it. I suspect most of us have a problem slowing down and taking the timeBayardCuttingMay15.4 to really learn something.

As we crossed the channel towards the more populated area of the park, we watched an egret wading through the water. We studied this creatures majestic movements from the opposite shore as it glided through the channel hunting for food. From the yellow beak and black legs I guessed that this was a Great Egret.

We soon joined other visitors walking the more popular promenade near the water. I wondered if they noticed the yellow lily like flowers in the wet areas nearby. I suspect they didn’t even pause to wonder atBayardCuttingMay15.5 the cypress roots that always remind me of an army standing guard in the woods.

Heading towards another unpopulated section of the park, a butterfly landed on the ground just in front of us. It paused long enough for us to really study it and admire the markings on its wings. Later, I was happy to identify it as a Red Admiral. We soon discovered that the next section of the arboretum was closed for a nesting eagle. After spotting the nest across the channel, we looped back towards our starting point and went to meet up with a friend.


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