Moving On

Someone asked me recently via a blog comment, if I was planning anymore quilt retreats in New Hampshire. Since I had this post sitting in my blog drafts for quite some time, I decided to review it and adjust it as necessary as an answer to the question.

I can not place my finger on the cause, but the quilting weekends had lost their glamour over the last two years. Quilt1Perhaps I lost interest because I had a sense that this was to be my last quilt weekend at this place and with these people. I do know that some of it had to do with the very nature of a mystery quilt weekend. I found that I could no longer tolerate the uncertainty of guessing whether the fabrics you have will work for an unknown pattern. Fabric and cutting requirements arrive before the weekend, but for me, I always felt that there was not enough guidance concerning the fabric selection. It seems that it would have been easy enough to suggest that a fabric should be a solid color, or a subdued print. As a result, I no longer was purchasing fabric for the weekend but raiding my stash for colors that would suffice for the weekend. I felt that the quilt from that last weekend  was a perfect example of this problem.

I finally completed this project sometime during the summer of 2014. This particular creation, named Rambling Roads, was destined to become a donation quilt. Once completed I gave it to a coworker who organized a raffle for one of her many causes.

I am not sure why this particular comforter took me so long to complete but I do know I quilt2lost interest in it shortly after I began the hand quilting process. Perhaps it was the fact that someone commented during our sewing weekend that it reminded her of the seventies. Now to me, that particular time period was not well known for fashion so maybe the statement conjured up a definition of “ugly quilt”. The colors and the pattern have grown on me over time so that was not my reason for donating this blanket. I had wanted to make a quilt to donate for some time and given that this one was smaller than what I had been making of late, I envisioned this one giving some comfort to a child or young teen.

As a hand quilter, I barely finish one quilt a year. Realizing that I was expending a lot of energy on quilts that I may not like, suddenly made the whole process seem silly. It had been years since I created a quilt of my own choosing and I missed that. The wedding quilt that I am currently working on is the first creation, outside the structured weekend, that I have done on my own.Quilt3

Finally, something had changed between me and my quilting buddy to the extent that I was not even sure we would be attending these last two sewing weekends. We attended them anyway even though there seemed to be a lack of interest, so somehow I knew that this would be the last.

This particular friend arrived in my life when I really needed the support of someone outside my family; someone who would provide a strength I lacked. She did this and more. I hope I provided something for her in return. I know that I have no regrets and enjoyed our friendship while it lasted but the signals coming my way during the last two years have finally penetrated my brain and I understand that it is time to move on.


2 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. wow. that was a long answer to my short question 🙂 I just asked because of the location.. Purity Springs is where my kids learned to ski and where we took my step daughters to learn to ski as well.. fond memories .. although, we never spent any time there in the summer.. there was enough in Wolfeboro where we lived at the time, to keep us occupied during the summer months!

    is the snow gone in Camden yet? This morning I was talking with my daughter who is living in NH, and I told her that the early spring flowers were already showing here in Bear Creek.. and then I told her that I was referring to dandelions.. they got a jump start because we raked the gardens early last week.. the crocuses are still fighting their way through the leaves in the grassy areas that we have yet to rake..

    Interesting commentary on friends.. many do drift in and out of our lives.. and i have found that many are friends of proximity .. we found that when we moved back to PA from NH, very few of our friendships continued to thrive.. we will have to see if the same holds true when we settle in Maine permanently.. jt

  2. This post initially began as a commentary about transitory friendships but I found that I could not post it as originally written. Your question helped me in the revision. Thanks.
    BTW, crocuses are blooming and tulip leaves are beginning to appear. My backyard is still covered in snow 🙂

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