Ribbons and Stars

Sometimes there is a blessing in nasty weather. The freezing temperatures and snowstorms occurring every 3 days confined me to the warmth of the indoors, turning my thoughts to neglected projects. I knew before the New Year that the son of close friends of ours had set a wedding date. StarsCorrect  I knew that I had a wedding quilt to plan but with the illness and loss of my mother this got pushed to the bottom of the “to do list”.

Suddenly, when February came I experienced that “EEK!” moment. I had a project not even planned out yet, with a too soon deadline approaching. On the plus side, I had fabric in my stash that was just waiting for the right pattern. I started pouring through my pattern books until I came upon the one, known as “Ribbons and Stars”, that would make an appropriate wedding quilt.

One of the difficulties with having fabric on hand without a planned project, is the necessity of adjusting the pattern when you finally find the right pattern. The first modification I had to calculate was combining a 4 fabric pattern into the 3 fabrics I actually owned. StarsMistakeThe next alteration to the pattern was to expand it to a queen size quilt. This phase actually required quite a bit of basic math skills as I determined how many cut pieces I could get out of one 40 inch wide by 2 or 3 yards of fabric. After double and triple checking my computations I knew that one of the fabrics would just make it. Unfortunately, I had also planned on using this gold colored fabric as part of a small inner border so that would require a plan B when I got that far.

In order to assemble the blocks for Ribbons and Stars, I would need to sew 9 pieced squares together to create one block. StarsQuiltingThis is where things have a habit of going wrong. The problem with pieced squares that are symmetrical is that you can sometimes but them together in the wrong orientation. Of course, I put the block together incorrectly, not once, but three times. After “unstitching” the first three blocks, I finally got the rhythm of putting the 25 blocks together. Somehow, I managed to get the entire quilt top pieced by the end of February.

But now, the real problem begins. I normally take 8 to 12 months from assembly to hand quilting and finishing. The wedding is Memorial Day weekend. I have 2 and a half months to complete a queen size quilt. So far my quilting design is to outline the blue stars, add smaller stars to the red centers and create spiral galaxies within the gold ribbons. Perhaps, if I dedicate 2 hours a day I will make it. Only time will tell.


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