After BarrettMar15Mudour New York visit, we experienced several days of near 40 degree weather. The sun and the warmth seemed to bring out the best in a winter weary population as people shed their winter layers and stepped out in spring jackets. We all knew that it was too early for these warming temperatures to linger but we were all ready to shake the winter doldrums and let the energy of the sun’s rays rejuvenate us. In honor of this spring-like weather, I decided to take my usual walk to Barrett’s Cove. This stroll had been neglected of late, my daily journeys becoming sporadic as the mounds of snow became higher. Stepping out, I got my first hint of what is known around here as Mud Season. It would seem, that the most difficult part of my BarrettMar15Beachadventure would be navigating the driveway down to the road. Once outside, I discovered I had two alternatives; trying to navigate the patches of dangerously slippery ice along the sides of the driveway without breaking some part of my person or sinking an inch into the mud without losing my shoes. Somehow, I made it down to the road without any mishaps and continued on towards the beach without encountering any further obstacles. There was still too much snow around, hiding any hint of flowers peeking from the earth. I wondered if the spring flowers would have a chance this year or stay dormant until next year. As I approached the lake, I noticed the ice seemed much thinner in spots, the warming sun slowly melting away winter’s grip. From the side of the road, I gazed out over the lake for some time letting this spring-like day lift my spirits before turning for home. I hoped that a new season had begun.


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