Local Happenings

It is WinterFestSnow15.01interesting to note how the winter lethargy continues. Somehow, I have become a creature of the daylight hours, scurrying back to my lair when the sun sets and not venturing out again until the next morning. The fireside and a good book entice me to stay by the warmth radiating through the room. It seems that the whole family has fallen under the spell of this winter hibernation.

Knowing that we needed to change the situation, we attempted to shake this spell and decided to take part in the events held WinterFestSnow15.02during the local Winter Festival. We eagerly went over the calendar, making plans to attend a concert, a sports film festival (BANF) and the fireworks display over the harbor. Alas, even our active planning came to naught. Evening came, dinner was served and we all looked at each other and decided we really did not want to run out into the cold, dark, sometimes snowy night.

But, we did shake the lethargy enough to enjoy the daytime events. As I walked around town one day, I admired the results of the snow sculpture competition WinterFestIce15.01at one end of town. I was amazed by the attention to detail that was displayed in the snowy stonework representing the tower on top of Mount Battie. Only one of the creations did not hold up to the repeated snow falls of the previous two weeks; a bear that most have looked fierce in the beginning of the week was beginning to look rather withered around its head by the end of the festival. In the library park, at the other end of town, the results of the ice sculpture competition still held their shape. The owl, bear, swan and other statues retained their brilliance, even as the clouds once again began to block the sun.WinterFestToboggan15

Walking around town did not seem enough of a commitment to participate in the festivities, so we boarded the shuttle to the local ski area to watch some of the toboggan championships. This three day event, consisted of 2, 3 and 4 person toboggan teams competing for final placement. We enjoyed the excitement as the teams flew down the chute and glided across the frozen pond; some took spills as soon as they came off the chute but it seemed like many made it to the middle of the pond. All too soon, we made our way back to the shuttle that would take us back to town and the return home to the warmth of the fireplace. It was a brief awakening but enough to remind us that even in winter there are signs of life.


2 thoughts on “Local Happenings

  1. sitting by the stove with a good book sounds like a great way to deal with the increasing snow piles that must be surrounding you! nice pics… the toboggan run looks like a lot of fun. Not too far from here in Eagle’s Mere, there is an annual toboggan run ( not so annual this year… believe it or not, due to lack of cold it has been cancelled this year ) http://eaglesmerepa.org/toboggan-slide.html
    I am currently planning our annual community service trip to Chewonki in June.. can’t wait to get back to Maine! jt

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