By CamdenFrozenLakethe winter holidays, frigid air had moved into the area, replacing an unusual mud season with a frozen landscape. For the last two weeks, nighttime temperatures have dipped into negative numbers and the daytime highs rarely reach above 20. During one of my walks in this time period I discovered that it is just plain foolish to take a stroll without base layers when the thermometer registers 12 degrees. So now, as I meander around the neighborhood dressed in multiple layers I must say that no matter how many items of clothing you are wearing, single digit weather is still cold. This is a season that encourages a more daring adventurer.CamdenIce2015

Approaching the lake, I notice that the coves are now frozen; apparently solid enough to encourage the more daring among us to take their augers and set up ice fishing lines. Although the coves seem firm, the lake is large and the middle still shows areas of thin ice. I’m not sure I would take the chance but then I am not familiar with determining the safety of ice thickness.

AcrossFrozenRamp from the cove, I spot climbers scaling the ice on the mountain face. Being a timid soul and not that fond of heights I can only appreciate the bravery of those who climb the rock for what must be a spectacular view of the lake. I wonder how they stay warm.

In my reality, the bitter cold and grey days instill a sense of lethargy within me and I feel the desire to hibernate. The observation skills that have improved over the last year seem to lie dormant and I hope this is only a temporary rest. Perhaps nature is telling me that it is time to turn my thoughts towards some indoor interests, at least until the warmth of a 20 degree day returns. For now, I may turn my thoughts toward some new quilting projects. It has been quite some time since I have thought about quilting.


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