First November

Our first BaldRockNovTreeNovember in our new home has been an interesting one. There have been expeditions of exploration, a few hikes where I learned that I could fall and not damage my hip although the rest of my body did not fare so well, and two accumulating snowfalls with one of them knocking out our power for several days. As a bonus, a longtime friend spent an extended weekend with us around mid-November.

The first morning of his visit was a rather lazy one. We lingered over our coffee while we watched a gentle snowfall deposit a three inch blanket over the earth. It was one of those magical snows that departed after a few short hours, leaving BaldRockNovRockbehind a true winter wonderland. It wasn’t long before the sun peeked through the clouds and we decided to brave the cold and walk to the beach at Barrett’s Cove. Our friend enjoyed the numerous photography opportunities along the way.

After a light lunch we strolled around Camden. While perusing the interesting shops we realized that Christmas was fast approaching and we really needed to think about everybody’s wish list.

The next BaldRockNovSnowday dawned bright and clear, so naturally we had to take our guest up our favorite mountain; Bald Rock Mountain in the Camden Hills State Park. Although snow still covered the ground, the walk up the multi-use trail was pretty uneventful. Once we reached the trailhead and began the incline up the mountain we found a few obstacles in our way. The destruction was not as bad as what we had found at Tanglewood the week before but we still found ourselves walking around, over and under some downed trees. Between these few obstacles and trudging through the BaldRockNovIcesnow, we did find that we had to take a few more rest stops along the way.

As a result of the snow, the views from the top were even more inspiring than usual. The snow and ice had left new intricate artwork for us to admire. I spent some time studying snow crystals clinging to the side of a boulder. We were all intrigued by a small leaf frozen within an ice puddle; an interesting pattern swirling out from the captured leaf. Even the wintry cast of the sun, BaldRockNovShedreflecting off the bay seemed different. Winter had changed the landscape, leaving us something new to study. Although I knew there was a lean-to at the top of the mountain and had caught a glimpse of it hidden in the trees during our summer visits, it was easily spied this day as a result of the contrast between the white carpet at its door and the dark forest above.

We had begun our hike early, knowing that on this trip we would not be pausing for lunch on the mountain top. After spending some time absorbing the gifts that nature had to offer, we turned our thoughts towards home and lunch.


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