Thorne Head Preserve

Now that I havethorntonpath made the permanent move to Maine and am temporarily (I hope) unemployed, I have set about exploring my new home state. One of my daughters claims that everything in Maine is at least an hour away from your current location. She is probably correct but I did not let that stop me. Since she volunteered to accompany me on this particular exploration, we hopped in the car and drove the requisite hour to Bath.

We took our time exploring the downtown area located along the Kennebec River. thorntonbenchRoute 1 passed overhead, separating the business section of the town from Bath Iron Works. Each member of my family has a required essential place to visit when we arrive in a new location. My daughter and I traversed the village, spending time at our mandatory stops; a yarn store, quilt store, bookstore and the library. The yarn store, located in what thorntonstoneappeared to be a former warehouse, was the largest I have ever seen with rows and rows of fine yarn in various weights. Neither one of us had the expertise to warrant spending a premium price on quality yarn so we continued on our tour of the town.

After browsing the town, we decided to drive the short distance to the Thorne Head Preserve. The main trail from the parking area, known as the Overlook Trail, appeared to be a straight run to the edge of the river, so I anticipated an easy walk. I enjoyed studying the various pine trees and other plants that were long done flowering or taking on a more subdued appearance. It wasn’t long before our travels took us near a marshland offering a different habitat for exploration.thorntonrungs I was a bit surprised to find two benches near this wetland, wondering if anyone paused to enjoy the area in spring as they fed the mosquitos and black flies.

At the end of the Overlook Trail, we found a painted rock perched upon another, the perfect spot for contemplating the river view before us. I noticed a small trail sign that simply stated “stairs” and wondered where they were. I assumed at this point that we would be returning the way we had come, since the trail map indicated that the connecting “Narrows Trail” was under restoration. thorntonviewHowever, my daughter soon announced that she had located my stairs. I set out to follow and discovered that she had descended to another level using 4 iron rungs mounted into the stone. I am not often a risk taker but for some reason I took a deep breath and with some trepidation descended to the next level.

We followed the trail for some time, walking around some obstacles and occasionally stopping to locate the next trail marker. With the river on three sides of the preserve I wasn’t overly concerned about getting lost, although I do believe we came out on the Overlook Trail from an unmarked path. The Narrows Trail had offered us some wonderful views of the river and we soon arrived back at the parking area unharmed.


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