In writing my anniversary post, BarrettNovStreetI noticed that I commented on subdued colors, falling leaves and approaching winter. Perhaps I should not have mentioned the blending of one season into another, for I fear I have jinxed the weather.

On November 2nd, five days after my anniversary walk we experienced the first snowstorm of the season. With a heavy wet snow accompanied by gusting winds, we soon found ourselves in the dark, where we would remain for the next four days. Fortunately, running a generator for a short time twice a day insured that we would have access to heat and water. We sat in the comfort of our home watching the violent motion of the trees, hoping that none would fall on our abode.

TheBarrettNovDock next day appeared calm so we ventured out on our favorite walk to the beach. Although the winds had subsided we did have some near misses as the trees shed the heavy ice-balls from their branches; sending those frozen missiles in our direction. Quite often the tinkling or thumping sound of this wet stuff hitting the ground caused us to move a little faster towards our goal.BarrettNovSnow

As we rounded the curve to the cove, a single dock wrapped in white floated alone in the lake. I wondered if the owners were wishing that they had winterized their boat launch a little earlier in the season. Perhaps they were as optimistic as the sign at the beach stating, “beach open, swim at your own risk”. I like the different activities that each season brings, so with winter arriving early even for Maine, I was not inclined to partake of a sport designed for a warmer time of year.



2 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. nice photos.. we were pretty surprised to hear of the snowstorm that hit you guys.. but look at that deep blue sky. when my first wife and I interviewed at a school in NH in late February, the sky was incredibly blue – a vivid memory even after all of these years! we talked over breakfast this morning about just how soon we might be able to start building in Phippsburg.. your posts are making me think sooner rather than later 🙂 jt

  2. We made the decision that now was the time to make the move before reached a point where we would not be able to physically appreciate the outdoor lifestyle here in Maine. Good luck on your quest.

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