Autumnal Equinox

Although there are other BarrettSepBeachposts waiting in the wings, written in advance with the expectation that moving activities would disrupt computer access, I felt that the autumnal equinox deserved a post close to the actual day.

Autumn is by far my favorite season of the year; the brisk mornings and brilliant colors make everything seem so alive. This would be the first of many more seasons to come spent in a new home. BarrettSepFernAnd so, on this first day of fall I set out on my daily walk to the beach.

Even though the day dawns warm, every living thing is in a state of preparation. The trees on the mountain are not as green. There is a hint of yellow and orange visible on the hill when the sun’s rays wash over it at just the right angle. The trees on the beach are slowly changing into their autumn dress; every day the oranges and yellows take on a deeper hue. The ferns along the roadside have also changed to a beautiful golden color that brightens up the darkness of the woods. Wandering around the beach, I discover a bright orange fungus growing on a stump. It too, has decided to exhibit an autumn dress.BarrettSepFungus

The woods are filled with the chirping of chipmunks as they ran about stocking up food piles for the winter. Later in the day, I watch a squirrel run up and down the same tree at least 2 dozen times in an hour, busy filling his winter abode in preparation for the cold weather to come. Every day I have seen at least two woolly bear caterpillars making their way across the road as they seek out a place to hide; the number probably more an indicator of the previous season than a predictor of the coming winter. As I walk, the mournful cry of a loon carries across the lake. There is a flurry of activity that has replaced the laziness of summer.

Even BarrettSepDockhumans are in a state of preparation. As I walk towards the beach, I watch as the first dock is pulled from the lake. Although there is still some activity in the houses along the lake, the summer residents are closing things up for the season. Those that stay, will find that there are still some fine days left for kayaking and fishing. But autumn brings out the crew boats and I enjoying watching the choreographed activity as they pull along the water.

I return from my walk still uncertain as to the future but invigorated by the activity inspired by the first day of autumn.


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