Kaler’s Pond Audubon Center

After finishing my jaunt along the trail of the KahlerTrunkTerrell River County Park, I crossed the highway to explore Kaler’s Pond Audubon Center. This Audubon Center was created in 1998 through the joint effort of the Eastern Long Island Audubon Society, the Flight 800 Memorial Committee, and the town of Brookhaven. As I soon discovered, the Kaler’s Pond Center was a place created more for educational programs than for in-depth trail walking.

From the parking lot, I headed towards the pond to contemplate the water-view and the birds resting along the beach.KahlerMushroom The area was filled with geese, gulls and a few white ducks. Since these feathered creatures seemed to be content relaxing in their domain, I headed off in the opposite direction towards the memorial and the red barn.

The Red Barn seems to be where all the activity occurs. However, on this particular day all was quiet. I was fascinated by the way some wildflowers were growing out of tree stump; nature displaying an artwork that any human artist would struggle to achieve. KahlerStumpDuring my visit here, I would find several more exhibits of nature’s handiwork.

As I entered the woods, I found a mushroom cap resting on the dark dirt floor of the woods. The contrast of the white cap against the dark leaves drew me into the depths of the intricate design.

The trails were not complicated in this tiny nature center. Indeed, every time two roads diverged in this small oasis, I would travel down one fork only to find a fence blocking any further exploration. I would retrace my steps to investigate the other lane only to discover the same impediment. It wasn’t long before I had completed a tour of the entire park.

Emerging from the woods, I paused to admire yet another unique pattern designed my nature; the twist of a stump with ivy curling around it. Nearby Virginia Creepers were announcing the coming of a new season. I reflected on the pond and the beauty around it for a time before ending my travels. It had been a very rewarding day.


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