Barrett’s Cove

We were in Maine last weekend on what essentially could be called a working holiday.  BarrettViewThere was plenty of work to do to get the house in shape, however, that did not stop us from taking the occasional walk. Several times during our visit we would take a break and walk down to the beach on Lake Megunticook, known as Barrett’s Cove. I must say, walking on roads lines with woods on either side is a more pleasant experience than trying to walk around the block of the concrete wasteland known as suburbia; BarrettCreeka place where people cut down the trees so that leaves won’t fill their pools and yards.

On one early morning stroll, we paused at the beach to admire the scenery. The water was very still, mirroring the clouds above, as well as the surrounding hills. There were no hardy adventurers on the water, braving the chilly morning in canoes or kayaks. It was just us, the calming landscape, and the call of early morning birds.BarrettViolet

Due to the rather soggy spring in the area, the grassy areas of the beach were quite wet; in fact the term bog-like comes to mind. Taking the drier approach, we traversed the parking area to the far side of the cove. Here, we found a few small bridges crossing a stream at different points;  a small brook created by the water flowing down the surrounding hills.

On this side of the cove, the area was more navigable, carpeted with violets and small, unidentified white flowers. BarrettBeachHere we discovered a trail and decided to explore. What treasures we found!

In this small wooded area we saw hundreds of False Solomon Seal, the occasional Hairy Solomon Seal, Baneberry, and fields of Canada Mayflowers. It’s funny how  there are times we cannot see the things that are right in front of us; times when our observation skills just seem to shut down. At one point, my husband pointed out a lone Jack-in-the-Pulpit. But on a subsequent trip later in the day, we saw this plant everywhere. How could we have missed so many of them?BarrettFerns

The trail ended at a floating dock, located between the beach and the public boat launch. A cleared area above this dock seemed to be in use as a storage area for crew boats. From the dock we had a nice view of  the beach. We were provided with a different perspective of the lake, as well.

After studying the lake for a short time, we turned back to the trail towards Barrett’s Cove. Scanning the woods with an alert eye, we still missed all those Jack-in-the Pulpits! Back on the road, the ferns were just beginning to unfurl under the warming sun.


One thought on “Barrett’s Cove

  1. great to hear that you got to spend some time in Maine.. we used to have a house in Washington and often passed lake Megunticook on the way in to Camden.. great picture.. you have the best of Maine access to a beautiful lake and the ocean just minutes away!

    with the tiny house project going full swing.. it does not look like there will be many trips to Maine for us this summer, with the exception of our annual community service trip to Chewonki which begins a week from tomorrow.. I can’t wait.. I have 8 great kids signed up to join my wife and me…

    the house project in Phippsburg will probably begin 2 or 3 years down the road… but.. here is the plan. I have plans for a 16 by 24 cottage that I hope to build up there.. pretty small by most standards, but rather large compared with the Tiny House. So, after spending lots of time at the orchard over the next 3 or so years, the cottage in Phippsburg will seem like a real step up 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing more about the time you spend in Maine this summer…

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