Winter Storms

How wonderful, that even in the middle of winter, nature can find a way to force us all to slow down just a little and recharge. With three snowstorms in the last two weeks, some mixed with ice YellowBrickRoadThreadcausing treacherous driving conditions, I enjoyed an extra day off from each one of these wintery disturbances. With ice on the roads and the snow, ice, rain combination creating a heavy slop that was not conducive to being outdoors I was forced to slow down and direct my attention to some indoor activities.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am a quilter, piecing by machine but quilting by hand. As one can imagine hand quilting is a much slower process than finishing a quilt by machine, but with three storms providing the gift of extra hours, I had some time to make additional progress. I have also been able to add some momentum to my quilting, since my husband gave me a quilt frame for Christmas a year ago. I have benefited from a partner who believes that he should have the best tools for the job, not only for his own hobby but others as well. I am very grateful for this. The quilt frame has certainly been a blessing:)YelloBrickRoadBorder

This particular quilt is smaller than what I usually create, so I am not sure who will be the recipient of this colorful production. Too large for a baby quilt, I am thinking it YellowBrickRoadFramewould make a great gift for an older child or teenager. Since there is no one fitting this description within our family, I am contemplating donating this quilt to some worthy cause. We will see. For now, I sit near three windows relaxing in the rhythm of stitching. Occasionally I glance out at the descending precipitation, thankful for the time nature has given me.


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