Maiden Cliff – Thanksgiving

The day after our snow hike up to Mount Battie, 2 to 4 inches of MaidenTrailrain fell on the Camden area. However, Thanksgiving morning dawned cold and sunny so we headed up the Maiden Cliff trail that is located off Youngtown Road. Given that this particular trail is outside the Camden Hills non-hunting area, we donned our orange vests before setting up the road towards the trail-head.

MaidenWaterDue to the rain the day before, the trail was a bit wet. In fact, there was a stream, gently coursing down the mountain where a trail used to be.  I was glad to have my trekking poles providing me with some stability during our hike. They certainly assisted me in crossing some of the deeper, wet areas along the way.

MaidenOakEven though the terrain was damp, we still made it up to the field in less than half an hour.  As usual, we stopped for a moment to admire the views of Megunticook Lake below us and the hills beyond. We continued towards the tree on the rock that we had missed over the summer. We were pleased to notice that one of our family members was set to continue straight, instead of turning on the small trail to our left that would take us around the tree towards the summit.MaidenSummit It was one of those fulfilling moments when you realize that you were not the only one to make what seemed like a dumb mistake.

We sat at the top for a bit; thankful for the beautiful day, the view below and the time spent hiking with family on this Thanksgiving Day in Maine.


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