Carriage Road Trail – Mount Battie

CarriageRoad The family gathered together in Camden at the beginning of Thanksgiving week in order to celebrate the holiday and to enjoy the trails the area has to offer. The morning after we arrived, we decided to hike the Carriage Road Trail. Over the summer, we thought we were taking the Carriage Trail (or the easy to moderate trail)  to the top of Mount Battie but found ourselves climbing a slightly strenuous trail towards Ocean Overlook. This error was the result of two trails with similar titles. But hindsight is a wonderful thing CarriageTownand when we reached the intersection of the Carriage Trail with the Carriage Road Trail we proceeded in the correct direction.

It was snowing lightly as we began our trek on the  snow covered trail. Finding the ascent steady but not difficult we arrived at the Mount Battie Road within  half an hour. Many a visitor drives up this road during the summer, in order to admire the view of the village and harbor below. CarriageBattieOn this particular day there were no crowds;  just the four of us contemplating the snow covered scene below.

The tower at the top of Mount Battie is now sporting a metal frame star that will be lit Thanksgiving evening, shining each night through New Year’s Eve.  This has been a local tradition for over 50 years. According to local sources, a  merchant placed the star on the side of his building (French and Brawn) during the holiday season, but since the star was only visible to those heading south on Route 1 the downtown merchants suggested the star be moved to the stone tower on Mt. Battie. The complete history of this tradition can be found on the Penbay Pilot website.CarriageGoldenROd

The snow stopped as we began our descent. During our walk down I paused to admire the snow on the remnants of last summers goldenrod. Unable to snap a decent photo due to the lack of contrast, I commandeered my youngest to serve as a dark backdrop. I think this worked rather well but I should probably use this technique sparingly.

Our round-trip hike took about an hour.


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