There was a stranger in our neighborhood the other day. I almost drove by without even noticing. I had just turned off a 4 lane highway and was driving down your typical, nondescript suburban street, lined with multiple stop signs.Heron.02

As I paused at one of those stop signs, I noticed a rather unusual lawn ornament on the corner property. It wasn’t so much  the statue that was unusual, but its placement that seemed a bit odd. It has been my experience that most people who decorate their yard with lawn ornaments do not typically place them right on the corner, next to a stop sign. While I was pondering this unique placement, this so called decoration, walked across the street to stand in the yard opposite!

A heron had come to peruse the land of busy roads and development houses! Now granted, this development is no more than 5 miles from water, but still this stranger seemed out of place. One passerby asked me if the bird was hurt and should they call the town to have it removed. Alas! How many people are so far removed from nature, that they cannot appreciate the unique opportunity when it comes to them. I am sure, that once this heron observed the frenzy of the area, he quickly returned to a quieter, more natural setting.

As for me, I was thankful to spend this brief moment with my unique visitor.


2 thoughts on “Visitor

  1. The great blue is an interesting visitor at any time or location, especially in a neighborhood where it seems unlikely. Maybe it had dropped in for a goldfish in somebody’s pond (a bit of “fast food” before flying on)?

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