Stony Brook Harbor

Sometimes plans don’t work out as expected and you have to come up with a Plan B. Earlier in the week, I had read an article about the Forsythe Meadow Nora Bredes County Preserve in Stony Book and decided I would explore this small preserve on Sunday morning. The land was purchased in 1999 as part of a land preservation initiative.Harbor In 2012, it was dedicated to the memory of Legislator Nora Bredes. Later in 2012, a small parking area and other improvements were completed.

On my first try down the road, I passed the county park sign. I did located the sign next to a private driveway on my second attempt. Unfortunately, I did not find the parking area which I assumed was located on the road. I decided to be bold and turned into the driveway and discovered the parking lot at the top of the driveway. HarborStoneThis is were my plan failed, for I did not see any trail beyond the parking lot nor did I see the granite bench mentioned in the dedication article. Another article had mentioned that the improvements included a split rail fence marking the boundary of the preserve but the only fences I saw were those surrounding the parking lot and a falling, rotting fence in the woods beyond the parking lot. Right next to the parking area was a sign that indicated “end of the county parkland. No entry beyond this point.” Being an obedient soul, I did not venture beyond the sign to see if there was a rail fence on the other side.HarborBeach

Frustrated by my attempt to take a quick walk, I sat in my car for a moment trying to come up with a Plan B that would not take me too far out of the way. I decided to take a quick walk around Stony Brook Harbor, located just down the road. I parked across from the Three Village Inn and began my walk looking out over the harbor from the parking field.

I continued my walk on the sidewalk that meandered around the marina, yacht club and a portion of the harbor. When the paved walk ended, I ambled on along the beach. Even at low tide  the beach area was not very wide, with the water dictating the width of a beach that was bordered on the other side by a ridge.HarborHouse Peering through the trees and brush I spied a stone wall. A door hidden by the vegetation suggested the possibility of a storage area.

As I proceeded on my journey, I was amused by the two straight lines of debris left by the tide. These lines seemed to suggest a path the the traveler must follow. I walked in this designated path for a short while, pausing now and then to observe the gull colony on one of the islands in the harbor. One island, that was within wading distance from land was occupied by a small cottage.HarborBird

I strolled on until the beach narrowed and became somewhat muddy. Straining to see around a bend, the beach seemed to end near a desolate looking pier. I paused to observe a lone gull soaring overhead before turning around. My short ramble was only 45 minutes but it was a worthwhile Plan B.


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