Sunrise on Bald Rock Mountain

BaldRockSunriseTwo days after my first “real” hike, we decided to climb Bald Rock Mountain again. Only this time the goal was to watch the sunrise from the summit. Since sunrise was scheduled for 5:50 that morning, we figured hitting the trail at 4:30 should give us enough time to reach the summit. Well, that was the plan. We actually started hiking at 4:40 which, giving my time of an hour and ten minutes two days before, should give us enough time to reach the top. It was a good thing that we were only a five minute drive from the


This was my first experience hiking in the dark. It was a little eerie walking through the dark woods with just a small beam of light from my headlamp illuminating the path just in front of us. To me, it felt like I was walking through a tunnel; walking one step at a time towards the beam of light with only blackness in my peripheral vision. It certainly kept us focused to the task at hand. We just kept moving towards our goal without stopping for observations, although I’m not sure we could observe anything in the dark.BaldRockMorning

After walking the 1.25 miles on the Multi-Use Trail, we paused briefly at the trail head for Bald Rock Mountain for a water break and to catch our breath. So far, we had made better time than our first hike two days before.

We continued our climb up the Bald Rock Trail, stopping for very brief periods of time to catch our breath. Even though there were times when I was huffing and puffing, I felt better than I did on the previous hike; a sign that even one day of hiking improved my physical condition.BaldRockLichen

We made it to the top just as the sun was coming up over the island of Isleboro. I must say, watching the changing colors of the sky as the sun came up was truly inspiring. Once the show was over I turned and could see Camden Harbor below me, just waking to a new day.

It was so peaceful on the summit. We just sat and looked at everything around us; the islands in one direction, Camden Harbor in the other direction and the fine details of our immediate surroundings. This miracle of the sunrise inspired me to attempt some artistic photography, so I took some close up, black and white shots of lichen growing on the rock in front of us.

My second miracle of the morning BaldRockButterflywas spotting a butterfly, resting on the ground. I held my breath and crept closer, hoping to finally get a photo of a butterfly. After a summer of watching these elusive beauties flee just as I moved close enough to take a picture I finally did it! Success! My day was complete.

This time around we improved our time to 55 minutes up and 55 minutes down. We had completed my first sunrise hike and we made it back to the inn in time for breakfast. I’m not sure life gets much better than this.


3 thoughts on “Sunrise on Bald Rock Mountain

  1. One of my favorite things is to start out early in the morning while it’s still dark. There’s something about the forest that I like that time of day.

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