Root Glen

RootGlenJapaneseSpireaOur second walk, during our visit to Central New York, was the Root Glen Arboretum. Root Glen is located on the grounds of Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. This lovely, little  sanctuary was founded by the Root family, who later transferred ownership to Hamilton College in 1971.RootGlenBlackBugbane

As we entered the arboretum we were greeted by a large pink and white display of Japanese Spirea. It seems that even the bees were affected by another excessively  warm day as they lazily flew around the large bunches of flowers. We continued on  a few feet until we came upon a nice collection of Black Bugbane in the early stages of flowering.

Here RootGlenBenchwe had a choice of heading towards the well manicured, formal garden or continuing on a path that meandered through the woods. We decided to stroll through the woods on a trail that followed and, on occasion, crossed over a gorge.

Benches were placed throughout the park, inviting the traveler to stay awhile and absorb theRootGlenPagoda sights and sounds of nature. I believe these thrones of contemplation were deliberately set with the purpose of encouraging the traveler to linger and meditate, and in so doing, wash away the hectic pace of life for a short time. As if to confirm my thoughts, our path led to a spot where a pagoda had been placed near the gorge.

After studying the pagoda for a few moments, we continued on, walking through woods blanketed with RootGlenWoodsperiwinkle. Occasionally, we would find some False Solomon Seal, wild raspberries and pockets of ferns.

Eventually, as the trail looped back to our starting point, we decided to visit the formal garden section of the arboretum. Here we found a well manicured lawn with flower beds on either side of this enclosed area. Since the garden was completely exposed to the hot sunlight we quickly admired the labeled flowerbeds and beat a hasty retreat back to the shaded path that would return us to our car.


One thought on “Root Glen

  1. I’m glad you had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Root Glen. It’s a fine place to walk and meditate on life, especially in springtime when the first wildflowers are in bloom. I’ve enjoyed the place several times. My son graduated from Hamilton 5 or 6 years ago, and he appreciated the hill, as well. I’ll need to officially follow your blog!

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