Neighborhood Explorations


American Wintergreen

The weekend was humid, my hiking partner was busy trying to get through the “honey do” list and I was limping…AGAIN! And of course everyone had to listen to my complaints; not only because I get very cranky in warm, humid weather but whenever I take a step back in my hip replacement recovery I get impatient. After all, it’s been over 7 months since my surgery, I use the leg strengthening machines at the gym two to four times a week and I walk everyday during my lunch hour plus hike on the weekends! And then my friends and family remind me that the medical professionals told me to allow AT LEAST a year for recovery and that wet weather can affect the pain and stiffness in my leg.



So, determined to get a walk in during the weekend anyway but not feeling up to a walk on uneven ground, I grabbed my little point and shoot camera and decided to explore my own neighborhood. I also decided it was time to explore some of the unused features on my camera.

I was excited to discover the macro feature and took several close-up pictures using this feature.  Okay, dear readers, I can hear you thinking that every digital camera today has a macro feature so where has she been! I’ll admit that with certain technical items I am a little slow but hey, I do get there eventually.


Maple Leaved Viburnum

My first close-up attempt was this Maple Leaved Viburnum and I do have to say I was pretty happy with the result. I have noticed that since starting this blog I have learned (experienced) two new things: I have gotten a little more familiar with the features of my camera and after my walks I spend a lot of time trying to identify the plants, flowers and birds that I have photographed. Who knew that I would become so interested in plant and bird identification?

I continued to wander through the ParkSignneighborhood, stopping eventually at a section of road that had two wooded lots on either side of the street. These small wooded areas were designated as county parkland, as stated by the sign nailed to the a tree,  but there was no evidence of trails or any other access. In fact, it would be rather difficult PoisonIvygetting through the healthiest batch of poison ivy I have ever seen.

On my return trip, I stopped occasionally to admire the various gardens in the neighborhood; noting a rock garden with a waterfall or the unusual layout of another garden or just contemplating the different Rhododendronflowers.  I took one final close-up picture of a rhododendron in full bloom, blooms that were to fade and crumble during the coming week.

I returned home after a 45 minute walk of about 1.5 miles.


4 thoughts on “Neighborhood Explorations

    • Thank you. Sure hope I can correctly identify what I see. Some of the flowers are almost identical to others. I’ll make my best identification and hope others will correct me.

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