Purity Spring and Hoyt Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary

I’m sorry to say that last weekend there was no major walking event. Instead, I took my annual trek up to New Hampshire to participate in a quilt weekend. Fortunately it rained on and off, so the weather was more conducive to several days of quilting and eating, shopping and eating, and quilting and eating – well, you get the idea.PuritySprings

I always find it kind of interesting to watch the different ways people approach the weekend. Some people come and just do the planned project. Others come with bins full of fabric and a list of projects to work on – these are the ones who will sew all day every day. And finally, there are those who do a combination of some sewing and either shopping or some other activity. I think I fall into the later group, with the exception of feeling like I have to get the project done by the time we leave.

HoytPatchFor some reason, as the weekend winds down, I feel like I am in a race and get myself into a frenzy trying to put the whole thing together. This year I vowed to slow down, relax and not worry about it. I even took the bulk of Saturday afternoon to explore the locale and left the sewing room long before it closed at 11pm. In fact, on our way out of the building one night, we heard the distinctive “peent” of a  woodcock calling from somewhere up the hill.

Most mornings of the weekend I did use the stationary bike in the gym just to keep my leg from getting too stiff. One of the mornings, before the rain set in, I took a short walk in the Hoyt Audubon Sanctuary located just behind the gym.HoytBench

In order to access the sanctuary, I first had to cross a small stream. From there I was on a nice wide trail meandering through a pine forest. Since it was early, the woods were filled with the songs of birds going about their morning activities.  Since I am used to walking on flat trails and I did not have my hiking poles with me,  I went as far as I could up the incline of this trail.  I soon found a bench along the trail overlooking the lake. Since the path had a steeper angle after this point, I decided to sit on the bench for a while and just contemplate the beauty around me. This walk was at most half a mile.

By the end of the weekend, I had finished my quilt top which, based on the pattern I think I will call “wandering around the block” and cut fabric for another quilt. All in all a very productive weekend.


3 thoughts on “Purity Spring and Hoyt Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. wow.. what part of NH? I used to live in Wolfeboro, and still make multiple trips to help my son and x wife on their little farm.. Too bad that it was rainy, but sometimes the rain makes for neat pics.. yours are great.. jt

  2. of course, as soon as i posted that it dawned on me that your post mentioned purity spring.. what a great place.. they are connected with King Pine ski area where my kids learned to ski.. later I took my stepkids up there for their first ski experience.. it was wonderful until the older one ran into a shed at the lift and broke her wrist.. we ended up going to the hospital in Wolfeboro where my x wife looked over the x rays and confirmed that it was broken.. nothing like having people you know in the hospital 🙂 it sounds like you are a regular at this quilting weekend.. how nice!

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