Lakeland County Park


I took advantage of a warm sunny day and headed to Lakeland Park in Islandia.

The green haze in the underbrush is more prominent now during the warming days of spring. To clarify, green haze is a term my husband and I use to refer to the new twigs springing from the earth. When these green twigs begin to grow, everything in the undergrowth takes on this hint of green, even before there is evidence of this season’s leaves unfurling in the trees.

Lakelandlake copy

A good portion of the trails in Lakeland Park are a series of boardwalks that wrap around Honeysuckle Pond. The boardwalk ends at a beach area which provides a wonderful view of the pond.

After passing the beach, we continued to follow the white trail blazes of the Long Island Greenbelt trail system. The trail led us through a tunnel under the railroad tracks and in to the northern section of Connetquot River  State Park.


Here we continued to see signs that Spring was trying hard to overcome the grip of winter.

Swamp vegetation was taking hold and bees were busy emerging from the earth after a long cold winter. In fact, we saw these little piles of dirt and low flying insects everywhere.

LakelandbeeWhen we reached the highway we turned around and retraced our steps. As we approached the pond once again, we heard springtime peepers calling across the pond.

We had spend about 1.5 hours in the sun and walked about 3 miles.


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