Cedar Beach

The last week and a half it has been cloudy, raining or snowing and my hip has really let me know that the weather has been miserable. It is kind of discouraging after making progress to have my hip hurt so much that I have gone back to using a cane for going up and down stairs. I’m at the 5 month mark and I should be all better! Right? For those of you who have had replacement surgeries repeat after me, “I must allow myself at least a year to feel better”. And remember, you will experience more aches and pains during periods of bad weather, so enjoy the sunny days when you can. Who knew that I would become a barometer!

Saturday was finally a sunny day and my hip was feeling better. Although it was  very windy  I decided to head out to Cedar Beach in Mount Sinai.

cedarbluffs copy

There is a paved path that wanders through the cedars and other vegetation. This path begins at the parking lot and ends at a fishing pier at the far end of the beach.

Between the dunes and the trees I had some protection from the wind which was strong enough to be whistling through the wires.cedardunesMeandering through this wonder land, I stopped occasionally to admire the austere beauty of this place. From time to time, the area would open up to allow me a view of the Long Island Sound.

Ascedarjetty I approached the fishing pier I experienced the full force of the wind. Although the temperature was in the mid 40’s, once I was out of the protection of the trees, it felt quite cold.

Consequently, I only stayed on the fishing pier for a few minutes and then turned to the protection of the paved walkway.cedartrees

On my return, the bare trees mixed in with the pine trees stood as a ghostly reminder of winter.

An invigorating 40 minute walk, approximately 1.5 miles.


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